3 go-to proven DM's to start a conversation with a profile visitor (+ Bonus)

3 go-to proven DM's to start a conversation with a profile visitor (+ Bonus)

Table of contents

  1. The Importance of Direct Messaging on LinkedIn

  2. Three Proven DM Templates for Starting Conversations

    1. Template 1: Curiosity-Based Approach

    2. Template 2: Casual Introduction

    3. Template 3: Expressing Interest

  3. Bonus: Follow-Up Message

  4. Why These Templates Work

  5. Simplifying DMs for Better Engagement

  6. The Power of Follow-Up

  7. Tracking Conversations and Relationships

In the world of LinkedIn networking, direct messaging (DM) is a powerful tool for initiating conversations and building relationships.

This blog will explore three proven DM templates that can help you start meaningful conversations with your profile visitors.

With these templates, you can engage prospects effectively and move them further down the conversion funnel.

Before we deep dive, let us take a look at what are people who are using these templates are saying (testimonials)

The Importance of Direct Messaging on LinkedIn

Direct messaging plays a crucial role in LinkedIn networking as it allows you to connect with prospects on a more personal level. Unlike public posts or comments, DMs offer a private space where you can initiate conversations, ask questions, and express interest in a prospect's profile or activities. By leveraging DMs strategically, you can establish rapport, nurture leads, and ultimately drive conversions.

Three Proven DM Templates for Starting Conversations:

Template 1: Curiosity-Based Approach

  • This template aims to pique the curiosity of your profile visitors by asking about their interest in your profile.

  • Example:

    "Hi [name] - thx for connecting. Curious about what caught your attention about my profile?"

Template 2: Casual Introduction

  • This template takes a more casual approach, acknowledging the connection request and initiating a friendly conversation.

  • Example:

    "Hey [name], Thanks for passing by and sending a connection request! How're you doing?"

Template 3: Expressing Interest

  • This template expresses appreciation for the connection and invites the prospect to share any exciting news or updates.

  • Example:

    "Hi [name] - thx for connecting. Any exciting news on your side? Ps: [personalization about role/job/profile]"

Template 4: By Matthew Lakajev

  • For Matthew these 2 scripts have closed around 20-30 deals.

  • Example Script 1:
    "Hey NAME - Thanks for checking out my profile. I hope you found value 😊
    I made this Free AI content course.
    It shows you how to create 12 posts in 25 minutes without typing.
    Open to me sending it through to you?"

  • Example Script 2:
    "Hey NAME - thanks for checking out my profile. Are you just here for the content? Or are you looking to generate warm leads on LinkedIn?"

Bonus tip on templates

I would like to give you an insight, at least from my own point of view, for the first one "What caught your attention about my profile" - I've gotten this question from somebody I randomly checked out the profile of, and honestly didn't know what to answer without having to go back to their profile and look for something to talk about.

So, essentially, the more they have to think about the answer the lower the chances they would reply.

On the other hand, I presume that perhaps if they are interested in your services and reply to that question, it could spark a really great conversation.

However for cold contacts I would go for option #2 and #3, or ask them something and make the conversation about them.

Bonus: Follow-Up Message

If the prospect responds to your initial message, seize the opportunity to deepen the conversation by asking about their priorities or interests.

  • Example:

    "Cool. What are your top priorities for 2024 with [your role, business, skills, relevant topic]"

Why These Templates Work

  • Showing genuine interest: Each template demonstrates genuine interest in the prospect, fostering a positive impression.

  • Not trying to pitch: By refraining from pitching products or services, these templates focus on building rapport and trust.

  • Not assuming anything: The templates avoid making assumptions about the prospect's intentions or preferences, keeping the conversation open and inclusive.

Simplifying DMs for Better Engagement

In an age of information overload, simplicity is key to effective communication. These templates emphasize brevity and clarity, making it easy for prospects to respond and engage in meaningful dialogue.

The Power of Follow-Up

Effective follow-up is essential for maintaining momentum and nurturing relationships. By following up with prospects who don't respond initially, you demonstrate persistence and commitment, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Tracking Conversations and Relationships

To manage your LinkedIn networking effectively, consider using a CRM tool like Folk CRM to track conversations, monitor prospect engagement, and prioritize follow-ups. This ensures that no opportunity falls through the cracks and helps you stay organized in your outreach efforts.

With the right approach and templates, direct messaging on LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for initiating conversations, nurturing leads, and driving conversions. By leveraging the strategies outlined in this blog, you can engage prospects effectively and build meaningful relationships that contribute to your business growth.

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