Unveiling the $1,000,000 LinkedIn System: Mastering Sell By Chat (SBC)

Unveiling the $1,000,000 LinkedIn System: Mastering Sell By Chat (SBC)

In the ever-evolving world of sales, where traditional methods are giving way to digital innovation, leveraging LinkedIn's potential has become a game-changer.

In this blog, we'll delve into the steps that unveils the $1,000,000 LinkedIn System—a groundbreaking strategy called Sell By Chat (SBC).

Buckle up as we explore the intricacies of using artificial intelligence to close an impressive 78% of sales meetings on LinkedIn, uncovering one of the platform's biggest secrets.

The Power of Sell By Chat (SBC):

Before we dive into the details of the $1,000,000 LinkedIn System, it's crucial to understand a key principle: VOLUME. The success of SBC hinges on the sheer number of messages you send. Prepare to exceed your initial expectations and be ready to put in the reps—because, in the world of SBC, volume is the key to success.

The Three Types of Messages:

To master SBC, you need to understand and strategically employ three types of messages:

  1. Outbound (🟠): Directly messaging prospects.

  2. Inbound (🔵): Responding to your Call to Action (CTA).

  3. Intent Based (🟣): Triggered by profile views, likes, or comments.

Now, let's run through the flow of DMs (Direct Messages) that make up the $1,000,000 LinkedIn System:

Outbound (🟠) + Intent Based (🟣)

M1 - Lead Magnet Message: Offer free value to capture attention.

M2 - Ask For Email: Request their email to send valuable content.

M3 - Confirm Email: Follow up until the email is confirmed.

M4 - "This or That" Question: Avoiding simple Yes or No responses.

Inbound (🔵)

M5 - Asking if need help?: Not immediately for a meeting.

M6 - Ask if can ask questions?: Ensuring you can provide assistance.

M7 - Ask 1st Pain Point: Explore the first identified pain point.

M8 - Ask 2nd Pain Point: Delve deeper into the initial concern.

M9 - Ask 3rd Pain Point: Probe even further for a comprehensive understanding.

M10 - Ask Time Commitment: Confirm availability before proposing a meeting.

M11 - Admit you can help: Lock in a time to discuss how you can assist.

The Follow-Up Cadence

Recognizing that LinkedIn messages may not always suffice, a robust follow-up cadence is essential:

  • 5 minutes

  • 1 Hour

  • 1 Day

  • 2 Days (Send - Hail Mary)

Ensure a mix of channels in your follow-up strategy

  • Message

  • Voice Note

  • Email

  • Phone Call

Flip the Focus: Messages over Content

The $1,000,000 LinkedIn System challenges the conventional wisdom of spending 80% of your time on content creation and only 20% on messages.

By flipping this ratio, you unlock the true magic of SBC and witness the transformative power of strategic messaging.


As you venture into the world of Sell By Chat (SBC) within the $1,000,000 LinkedIn System, remember that success lies in the details of your messaging strategy. Embrace the power of volume, master the three types of messages, and implement a robust follow-up cadence across various channels. By prioritizing messages over content, you'll unleash the full potential of LinkedIn as a sales powerhouse. Get ready to witness the magic happen as you elevate your sales game through the innovative approach of Sell By Chat.

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