If I had to start LinkedIn all over again

If I had to start LinkedIn all over again

If I were to embark on a fresh LinkedIn journey, knowing what I know now, I'd approach it strategically and systematically.

In this step-by-step guide, we'll delve into each crucial aspect, from crafting compelling content to mastering lead generation and optimizing your profile for maximum impact.

Step 1: Crafting Irresistible Content

Starting with a solid content strategy is pivotal, and I'd focus on ToFu (Top of Funnel) Growth Content.

Why ToFu? Because, in the early stages, establishing trust is paramount.

Here's a 6-week plan:

  1. Monday to Friday Consistency: Post regularly for six weeks straight.

  2. Content Types: Include Stories (making you unique) and Authority posts (showcasing your expertise).

  3. Format Variety: Each post should be text-based, featuring either a video or picture.

  4. Audience Inclusivity: Cater to different audience preferences by incorporating various formats.

  5. Learn from the Best: Study top copywriters like Jasmin Alić, Matt Barker, Lara Acosta, Dina Calakovic, Nick Broekema, Ryan Musselman, and Julius Bieliauskas.

  6. AI Templating: Use AI to templatize top posts from the selected copywriters.

  7. Post Composition: Utilize your own stories, company information, LinkedIn post templates, and ChatGPT to get posts 80% complete.

  8. AuthoredUp for Finishing Touches: Spend the final 5 minutes in AuthoredUp to refine and polish your content.

Step 2: Laser-Focused Lead Generation

Recognizing that lead generation is the heartbeat of LinkedIn success, this step demands substantial time and effort. Employ a Hybrid Outbound/Inbound strategy:


  1. Sales Navigator Segmentation: Invest in Sales Navigator to identify and segment ideal clients.

  2. Daily DMs and Connection Requests: Message 20 1st-degree connections and send connections to 20 2nd-degree connections daily.


  1. ICP Engagement: Direct message those in your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) who engage with your content.

  2. "Sell By Chat" Initiation: Follow a structured approach to initiate conversations and lead them through a well-defined flow:

    • Reach out with a lead magnet.

    • Request their email and send the resource directly.

    • Confirm receipt.

    • Pose a "This or That" question.

    • Inquire if they're seeking help.

    • If yes, delve into their pain points.

    • Book a meeting.

Step 3: Profile Optimization

Key Points:

  1. Attention to Comments: Due to post length, additional details are available in the comments section.

  2. Shift in Perspective: Reframe your view of LinkedIn from a mere social platform to a Lead Generation System.

  3. Repost and Share: If you find this guide helpful, don't hesitate to repost and share the knowledge within your network.


By following this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you're not just navigating LinkedIn; you're strategically propelling yourself into a realm where your presence transforms into impact. From creating captivating content to mastering lead generation and optimizing your profile, this roadmap is designed to revolutionize your LinkedIn journey. Remember, LinkedIn isn't just a social platform; it's your gateway to a powerful Lead Generation System. Repost and share the insights to empower others on their LinkedIn journey.

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Matthew Lakajev

Matthew Lakajev

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