LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy (BOFU Framework)

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy (BOFU Framework)

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy (BOFU Framework)
LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy (BOFU Framework)

Unlock the secrets behind transforming LinkedIn posts from yielding zero leads a year ago to now attracting a steady stream of 6-8 inbound leads per week.

This blog unveils the journey, strategies, and a proven BOFU framework that revolutionized lead generation.

The Past: 0 Leads a Year Ago

Explore the challenges of the past where posts failed to generate any leads. Uncover the turning point that sparked the transformation and the evolution of content strategies.

The Transformation: Writing for 6-8 Inbound Leads Weekly

Dive into the current success story – a journey from zero to 6-8 inbound leads weekly. Understand the pivotal changes in approach and messaging that turned the tide in lead generation.

The Story of Chaos: Managing Workflows

4.1 Recognizing the Chaos

Unravel the chaos in workflows that led to a 70% increase in churn. Identify the various tasks that overwhelmed the system and threatened the stability of the business.

4.2 The Overwhelming List

Explore the exhaustive list of tasks that diverted attention from core business activities. Understand the impact of multitasking on business growth, team management, and customer satisfaction.

4.3 The Toll on Business

Learn about the consequences of chaotic workflows on business sustainability. Discover how mismanagement of tasks nearly led to the demise of the business and the lessons learned from the experience.

The Wake-Up Call: Recognizing the Problem

5.1 No Time for Sales

Understand the pressing issue of having no time to focus on revenue-generating tasks like sales. Delve into the consequences of neglecting this critical aspect of business growth.

5.2 No Time for Team Management

Explore the challenges of lacking time for effective team management. Understand the implications for team morale, productivity, and the overall health of the business.

5.3 No Time for Client Satisfaction

Uncover the impact of time constraints on client satisfaction. Learn how neglecting client needs can lead to dissatisfaction and, ultimately, a decline in business performance.

5.4 The Looming Burnout

Recognize the signs of burnout looming on the horizon. Understand how the inability to manage time effectively can lead to stress and the potential collapse of the business.

The Better Way: A Solution Unveiled

6.1 Focusing on Revenue-Driven Tasks

Discover the solution – a paradigm shift towards focusing solely on revenue-driven tasks. Learn how streamlining tasks can create more time for essential business activities.

6.2 Cultivating a Team of Enthusiasts

Explore the benefits of cultivating a team that loves working with you. Understand the positive impact of enthusiastic team members on overall business performance.

6.3 Achieving Clarity and Stress-Free Work

Learn the importance of having a clear mind and working without stress. Explore strategies to achieve mental clarity, enhance productivity, and create a positive work environment.

Success Story: Client's Revenue Soars by 35%

7.1 Tracking the Work Week

Understand the process of tracking a client's work week to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Explore the benefits of a thorough analysis in optimizing time usage.

7.2 Automating and Outsourcing Workflows

Discover the power of automation and outsourcing in reclaiming valuable hours. Learn how these strategies can revolutionize workflows and contribute to business growth.

7.3 Gaining 12 Hours Weekly for Business Growth

Explore the tangible results of implementing automation and outsourcing – the restoration of 12 hours per week for business development activities. Understand the direct impact on revenue.


Summarize the key takeaways from the journey – from chaos to clarity, from zero leads to a steady influx.

Understand the importance of time management and the impact it can have on business success.


Q1: How did chaotic workflows impact the business?

A1: Chaotic workflows led to a 70% increase in churn, nearly causing the business to collapse. The multitasking approach affected core business activities and team morale.

Q2: What is the key solution offered to agency founders?

A2: The solution involves focusing on revenue-driven tasks, cultivating an enthusiastic team, and achieving clarity and stress-free work. It is tailored for agency founders with $1M+ ARR.

Q3: How can I reclaim focus, time, and headspace?

A3: To access the solution, agency founders can send the signal "TIME" to initiate the process of reclaiming focus, time, and headspace.

Q4: What were the results of implementing automation and outsourcing?

A4: The tangible results included the restoration of 12 hours per week for business development activities, leading to a 35% increase in the client's revenue.

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