Nick Broekema

Nick Broekema

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands


I ran a design agency for 6 years and almost killed it.

(Like literally)

We 100% relied on word-of-mouth marketing:

- Leads from friends and family (not even kidding)
- Leads from former and current clients
- Leads through competitors

We took what we could get.

Sometimes we skyrocketed. Often we struggled.

The feast and famine cycle was real.

And it was painfully frustrating.

As a business owner, I didn't have:

- Time and focus on growth
- Time to take care of my team
- Time to generate leads myself

I was consistently hustling and putting out fires.

When I pivoted in 2022, I chose a different strategy:

→ Creating content to build a reputation and presence
→ Creating content to show the world my offering
→ Creating content to generate leads every week

At least, that was the plan.

I learned it takes months to do it:

I started with text posts. Then I added visuals. Then I added carousels. Then I 'designed' my content. Every upgrade increased my growth and revenue.

This led me to craft a new solution:

Content Design.

There are 3 ways I help agency founders doing over $500k ARR attract leads through LinkedIn:

1. Coaching (1:1)
2. Creating content together
3. I create content for you

Send me a DM if this sounds like a win to you.

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Nick Broekema

Nick Broekema