Breaking LinkedIn policies you didn't know existed

Breaking LinkedIn policies you didn't know existed

LinkedIn, the bustling professional hub we all love, is an incredible tool for career growth.

However, with great networking power comes great responsibility.

Let's dive into the dos and don'ts of safeguarding your LinkedIn account for a worry-free online networking experience.

1. Automation Tools: The Good, the Bad, and the Safe

LinkedIn's User Agreement is like the secret code of conduct, but who has the time to decode it? We get it. However, there's a red flag when it comes to automation tools like Taplio, Shield, Bardeen, and lemlist.

They might promise LinkedIn magic, but they can spell trouble too.


  • LinkedIn knows what's up with these tools.

  • Using them may lead to a ban.

  • Your account could become a puppet without you pulling the strings.

Read in full here

Recommended Safe Tools:

  • LinkedIn Geniee: An API-friendly tool that ensures a safer and more compliant experience.

  • AuthoredUp: Another tool that uses the official LinkedIn API, no session cookie required.

Source Link: LinkedIn User Agreement

How to Kick Risky Tools to the Curb:

  • Say goodbye to browser extensions.

  • Change that password.

  • Log out, log back in.

  • Keep tabs on third-party access.

(instructions here)

Debate Alert: Some say removing the extension from Chrome might do the trick.

Worst case? The tool loses access after a year.

2. Juggling Multiple Accounts: The LinkedIn Catch-22

Ever been banned and thought, "New account, who dis?" Here's the catch: LinkedIn allows only one personal account. Creating a new one might seem like a swift move, but it often leads to another ban. It's a vicious cycle, my friend.

How to Break Free:

  • Stick to the rules.

  • Premium might be your VIP ticket to a safer experience.

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3. Mindful Networking: The Art of Engagement

Using spreadsheets to keep tabs on profiles? Cleaning up connections list in a frenzy? Slow your roll. Opening profiles en masse or deleting connections like a speed demon might trigger LinkedIn's suspicion radar.

Tips for Smooth Sailing:

  • Don't rush—engage one profile at a time.

  • LinkedIn is great, but don't put all your networking eggs in one basket.

  • Download your profile data regularly for added security. Your data is pretty hidden (thanks, LinkedIn), but here you can read how to access it.

Source Link: Download Your Account Data

Conclusion: Networking Nirvana

In the LinkedIn universe, responsible networking is the key to success. Ditch risky automation tools, follow the rules, and engage with care. Your LinkedIn journey should be about connections, not conundrums.

Happy networking!

Disclaimer: These insights are a guide, not gospel. Always check LinkedIn's latest updates for the nitty-gritty.

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Dana Daskalova

Dana Daskalova

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