Thomas Strider

Thomas Strider

Birmingham, Alabama, United States


One thing I've learned: just because you're great at what you do, does not mean well-paying prospects will see that within you.

And if that's the case, it's because your brand positioning, sales process, and offer are weak.

These weaknesses prevent you from landing high-paying clients — they prevent you from scaling your business. They keep you chasing low ticket clients that pay late and nag you for revisions over and over again. You might even feel like you have to spend hours every day on social media posting, engaging, and sending outreach messages.

As a result → your business is stuck. You can't overcome the revenue roadblocks to actually reach the financial independence you crave.

Now, imagine you're seen as an authority in your industry. Clients don't only know you're great at what you do - but they happily line up to pay a premium to work with you. No questions asked.

Sales no longer feels challenging, but as simple as chatting with a friend.

Prospects reach out daily hoping to work together. You capture that demand with proven sales systems. Then you convert that demand into customers paying thousands month over month.

That is what I help my customers achieve. Here's how:

Through business and content coaching → Where I teach my students everything I know about sales, writing online, and brand positioning.

Or my content marketing and ghostwriting agency → Where we write and handle all of your content needs for you.

Serious about growing your brand and business?

Apply to work with me here (copy and paste the url):

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Thomas Strider

Thomas Strider