Naim Ahmed

Naim Ahmed

London Area, United Kingdom


We help agency owners build a Linkedin presence and close new clients every month.

Are you tired of:

- Sending the same cold emails over and over
- Creating content that gets likes but no qualified leads
- Competing with everyone for the lowest cost per lead with ads

It’s exhausting and inefficient.

The only way to scale past $10k a month with your agency is to create a predictable source of leads that enter your pipeline every month.

We help you do that.

We give you the blueprint to building a personal brand around your agency to help you bring in evergreen sales from Linkedin & bespoke social media funnels.

You'll get:

- 1-1 calls with me
- I create you a custom content strategy
- I give you winning email flows + DM scripts

In other words, you'll get everything you need to turn Linkedin...

Into a 6-figure revenue channel.

DM me for more details.

LinkedIn Hacks from

LinkedIn Hacks from

Naim Ahmed

Naim Ahmed