Mike Jones

Mike Jones

London, England, United Kingdom


Over the last decade, my partners and I have generated over $100MM in revenue from LinkedIn alone.

But it all started when I was 18.

At the time, my dad died after years of battling his illness.

This experience made me realize how scarce time is and how important it is to spend it on things we actually enjoy (not on things we do because we have to).

So, I decided to find a way to help others do just that, including myself.

Lucky me, digital marketing was really starting to grow. It was the perfect opportunity.

Not only to help others make more money.

But more importantly, to spend their time on the things they enjoy and are good at.

Because that’s what good marketing should do.

It should allow a Coach to stop worrying about not having anyone to actually ‘coach’.

An Agency owner to stop wasting endless time trying to get leads.

An Entrepreneur to not lose sleep thinking about where payroll is going to come from.

And enabling that has been my mission in the last 22 years since I started this journey.

In the last decade, LinkedIn has been the main driver of my mission.

Using this platform, my clients (and myself as well) have gotten pretty wild results:

- I’ve helped 3 authors get their books listed as Best Sellers.
- I’ve helped a Tedx Event speaker build a massive private community
- I’ve launched 4 different LinkedIn products, which have gone on to make millions in ARR.

All through the power of LinkedIn networking and social selling.

The best part is, I’ve seen LinkedIn marketing work even with clients that had absolutely no online presence before.

There is a huge opportunity to grow your business and brand using LinkedIn. And in 2023 it’s getting even bigger.

I want to help you achieve similar results to the ones I mention above.

So, here are a few ways I can do that:

- TRAINING: I can share my knowledge with you on all the tricks and tactics I use on LinkedIn for myself and my clients.

- TECHNOLOGY: I can provide you with the tools to be efficient when it comes to LinkedIn marketing.

- COMMUNITY: I can introduce you to a solid community of professionals and business owners supporting each other in all sorts of ways.

- IMPLEMENTATION: My team and I can help you develop and implement a sound LinkedIn strategy that gets you new clients, new connections, and new opportunities.

Are any of those interesting to you? If so, send me a message and let’s connect.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones