Colin Gallagher

Colin Gallagher

Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland

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If you are selling B2B these days...

Finding new (profitable) ways to grow is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

You've probably tried:

❌ Cold Emailing — Low response rates & hard to close
❌ Paid Ads — Expensive and low quality leads
❌ SEO — Takes too long to see ROI

These method "work"...

But they are costing you more than than it's worth... especially in today's economy, where everyone's "strapped for cash".

That's why we help our customers unlock new organic revenue through our LinkedIn Customer Acquisition Platform.

Within just a few weeks, our team will help you to:

✅ Unlock new organic revenue and business growth
✅ Generate high-quality leads
✅ Cut down your ad spend
✅ Boost sales efficiency

Dozens of leads will be booking into your calendar each month…

All you (or your sales team) will have to do is close the deal.

We helped B2B companies book 900+ sales calls and earn $1.9 million in revenue through Linkedin.

Here’s what 2 of our customers had to say:

“Draftrr changed the game for us, transforming LinkedIn from a networking tool to a revenue-generating machine.” — Nick, CEO @ Cleverly.

“Draftrr helped us book 15 qualified calls within the first week. It’s like having a dedicated sales team!” — Ben, Founder @ Seneca Business Solutions.

Ready to unlock new organic revenue?

Go here for a Free guide to get started:

See you there!

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Colin Gallagher

Colin Gallagher